Why TimeTemp

One Platform.

One Vendor.

One Unified business.

Eliminates Admin

As your business and workforce grows, so does admin and back office support.


TimeTemp completely replaces paper timesheets, ring-arounds and emails with a fully-digitized workforce solution that automates routine tasks and back office operations from day one.

Employee Self-Service Portal (Onboarding & Compliance)


Automated timesheets & payrules


Auto time-capture (check in, out)

Auto-invoicing (e-billing)

Reduces Stress

Labour laws are tricky, and things can get lost in the shuffle as your business grows. Do you have an auditable trail to show that they have taken the right breaks and that you’ve  paid them the right overtime?


TimeTemp safeguards your business with built-in onboarding & compliance automation from the very start.

Employee Self-service


Activity & audit logs


Centralised storage


Custom PTO policies

Prevents Time Theft

Don’t let time theft and buddy punching fly under the radar. Incorrect timesheets makes a direct impact on your bottom line. TimeTemp verifies attendance & automatically tracks every second worked (up to 4 decimal places).


Greater accuracy = Lower payroll costs


Break tracking

Verified clock-ins

Overtime averaging

Complete Visibility

Knowledge is power.


Know exactly who’s working and who’s on leave, at any one time in one single view so you can reschedule shifts, manange projects and approve leave requests with confidence.

Drill down by companies, departments, job, location


Project tracking & management

See leave requests & active


Grows with You

As you grow, nothing breaks.


Timetemp is all-in-one and works right out-of-the-box with Vincere. From placement to onboarding, timesheets, leave, expense all the way through to pay and bill, TimeTemp scales with your business.


It’s also completely mobile and works anywhere in the world.

Simple & Beautiful

TimeTemp is dead simple to use from start to finish.

It’s beautiful and offers a great end-user experience for every one.

One Solution. One Platform. One Unified Business.

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